World-class hospitality consulting

Our commitment

We are committed to helping our clients arrive at innovative and sustainable business solutions by understanding their business objectives, their challenges and their expectations. Drawing on long-term relationships with international hospitality industry experts, we offer our clients a unique consultation experience.

Our purpose

To equip individuals and companies to become their best, maximizing their capabilities and building truly motivated teams that contribute to a healthier society and a better world.

Our Services

Partnership solutions

Entering new markets, hotel investments, and operations contracts.  Conduct reviews of current partnerships, i.e. management and franchised agreements.

New hotel developments

Evaluate feasibilities and due diligence.  Hotel opening support.  Solicit business partners – local hotel and land owners and operators.

Management and Operations support

Review company strategy and tactics.  Elaborate asset management.  Business solutions and profit engineering.

Revenue management

Review sales and marketing strategy and improve productivity.  Implement revenue management and optimum pricing.

Brand and corporate management

Evaluate corporate strategy and structure, implement brand marketing and shared services, and improve business productivity.

Organization and talent development

Develop organizations in terms of productivity, efficiency, innovation, and diversity.  Hiring, retaining and motivating talent.

Hiro Abe, Managing Director-H.A. Advisors Ltd

H.A. Advisors

Hiro Abe has 30 years’ experience in the hospitality industry. His extensive international business exposure began in 1993 as Marketing Development Manager at Park Hyatt Tokyo. 

In 2002, as corporate Director of Strategic Marketing in Chicago, Hiro continued to broaden his industry experience, later heading up Hyatt’s Japan and Micronesia hotel operations and development from 2006 to 2017, based out of Tokyo.  LinkedIn

As Vice President – Revenue, Asia Pacific, Hiro supported over 150 Hyatt hotels in the region until setting up H.A. Advisors in 2020 with the aim of assisting hospitality businesses and organizations, bolstering their growth and aspirations in these volatile times.

Hiro holds a Master of Management for Hospitality from Cornell University and an Economics degree from the University of Tokyo.